We recognise that moving into rented accommodation can be as stressful as purchasing a property.

Our step by step guide is an aid to assist you with a comfortable hassle free move with no unexpected surprises.

Before you decide to commence with searching for a property you will need to ensure that you have the following

  • All applicants must be over 18
  • Rent and deposit
  • Photographic proof of identification
  • Working guarantor if needed.
Reed Residential - Estate and Lettings agency in Southend On Sea

Finding a property

Once you have decided which type of property you would like to let out you can collect a printed lettings list or search on our website at  www.reedresidential.co.uk , Our lettings advisor will then guide you through the properties that fit your criteria and explain any further details.

The suitable property

We have found your ideal property, to reserve one of our properties you and any member of your family that are over 18 will need to supply the following:

  • Photo identification
  • Two forms of proof of your address
  • Complete in full a Reed Residential application form

At this stage your financial contribution will need to be:

  • Administration fee
  • Property retainer fee, equivalent to one months rent.

We would advise to pay any monies in cleared funds to avoid any delays to your application.

Referencing your application

Your application form is emailed to our business partner rentchecks.com who will carry out the following minimum checks:

  • Credit cross reference score
  • Previous landlord reference
  • Employment and salary confirmation
  • Voters roll confirmation

Providing the details you have supplied ate all correct and in full you could expect a decision with 48 hours of your application being submitted.

Why would you need a working guarantor?

Rentchecks may request that you supply a guarantor if your credit score is very low or your salary affordability is too low.

If we find it necessary to carry out a reference on a guarantor an additional administration fee will be levied by rentchecks.

Reed Residential - Estate and Lettings agency in Southend On Sea

What if I fail my references?

It is very rare that references fail, however this may occur for a multiple of reasons which will be explained to you.

Sometimes it is possible to bypass this if the landlord will accept a working guarantor or pay the rental in advance for the term of the contract.

If however you are unable to fulfil either of the above your administration fee is non refundable, although you can always re apply for another property within 3 months and not pay a further fee

A daily rate will also be deducted from your property retainer fee from the date that the property was reserved unto the day that you failed your reference.

Reed Residential - Estate and Lettings agency in Southend On Sea

Congratulations you have passed!!!!

Congratulations you have passed, at this stage we shall call you to arrange a date and time to sign your tenancy and move in to the property, in between we will organise a gas and electrical safety check for your landlord.

Also, all the documents required for signing will be prepared, we can provide you with a sample tenancy agreement for you to read or show your legal advisor before the move date. A sample tenancy agreement can be provided upon request.

You will then need to advise all of the utility suppliers that you will be moving into the property so that all supplies are switched on so you do not have any nasty surprises.

For your assistance we have provided a list of general suppliers that you will need to call

The Big Day

Arrive at our offices with identification for all parties including your guarantor (if required) at the designated time agreed with our team, the signing up process may take up to 1 hour, on the day you will be asked to sign the following documents

  • Tenancy agreement
  • Inventory and schedule of condition
  • Guarantor agreement (if required)

You will also be required to pay your months rent in cleared funds and a copy of your tenants contents insurance policy.

A member of our team will then attend the property with you and check you into the property, whilst you are checking in this will give you an opportunity to raise any problems with our team member, a set of keys will be handed over WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME.