Masthaven has been operating as a principal lender since it was established in 1983.

During this period the Directors of Masthaven have experienced every aspect of bridging finance and thus ensuring that we always provide high quality advice.

We are innovative lenders who are looking to build long term relationships with our clients and intermediaries.

Why use Masthaven?

In todays market there are a number of bridging finance lenders so why should you choose to use Masthaven?

  • Specialist principal lenders for nearly 25 years
  • Very competitively priced, why go to other bridging finance companies and pay more?
  • No uplift on valuations or legal fees
  • All types of security considered
  • Quick funds. Average completion time is five working days for first charge lending and ten working days for second charge loans. Can be quicker if required.
  • Non status lender
  • Total focus on honesty and integrity. Clients pay the price quoted. NO HIDDEN FEES.

Products: Details & Rates

Masthaven focuses on providing its products at market leading prices.

The reason we can be highly competitive with our pricing is because we are an owner managed business without any pressure from external investors.

Key reasons to use Masthaven.

  • One low rate of 1.25% per month for all first charge lending irrespective of LTV, property types and status.
  • LTV based on open market value NOT purchase price
  • No exit fees
  • Low legal fees
  • No uplift on valuation fees or legal fees
  • Daily interest
  • All security considered, including residential, commercial and land with planning permission.
  • 100% LTV available in many situations.

The terms set out below apply to 95% of our loans, occasionally they are altered but only in unusual circumstances.

1st Charge Lending

1st Charge Lending - Open Bridge

Loan Duration

1-12 Months


75% (up to 80% on some loans)

Monthly Interest Charge


Arrangement Fee


Valuation Fee

Subject to property value

Legal Fee

£500 + VAT

2nd Charge Lending

This is identical to 1st charge lending apart from the following:



Monthly Interest Charge


Need 100% Funding?

There are two ways in which Masthaven can arrange this for you.

Closed Bridge Service

This service allows investors to purchase discounted properties and base their borrowing on the valuation of the property, not the purchase price. Therefore if the investor has managed to source a property with a 15%+ discount then this service truly allows them to purchase the property with ZERO CASH INPUT.

The way this service works is very straightforward. Masthaven will lend the investors funds in order to purchase the property outright. The investor will then repay Masthaven via a pre-arranged re-mortgage.

This product is ideal for the investors who have managed to source a property at a discount to market value and wants to minimise their cash input.

Mixture of First and Second Charge Lending

A number of our clients have significant equity in either their home or a second property.

Therefore Masthaven will happily provide 100% of the funding required by taking a first charge on the property being purchased and a second charge on the addition security.