Property Repairs And Ongoing Maintenance

Date Published 23 March 2020

Tenant Property Repair - Please read carefully

With every day changing for us all with the COVID-19 Pandemic, my Property Management Team are working hard with our professional maintenance contractors, to continue to carry out essential and urgent work on our property portfolio around the UK.

After a meeting with our maintenance team this morning, we have instructed all contractors to only carry out essential or urgent works.

We have agreed strict guidelines during this period of time -

Works that have been agreed :

1) Safety Certificates.
2) Boiler Breakdowns and Electrical breakdowns.
3) Urgent Repairs and leaks ( this will be determined by our Property Managers)

If work has been authorised, you are required to allow access and vacate the areas the contractors are required to work in. I would then ask you to ensure these areas are sanitised.

All contractors are instructed to use the appropriate precautionary measures ie masks and gloves.

I would kindly ask that you bare with us on the non essential repairs , I know it can be very frustrating but we must follow the government guidelines with social interaction for the safety of our family and friends especially those at the most risk.

If you are a person at risk and have urgent repairs please send us an email, and we can discuss how we can help you.

Kelly Reed, our Operations Director

Anna Mathers, Senior Property Manager

Please ensure you use our Fix Flow repair report system on line for ALL repairs reporting, this will be logged and kept on our repairs queue, when a property manager is able too the repair will be allocated to our contractors team.

Any communal areas we manage have undergone a deep clean and this will be carried out on a regular basis until it is safe to stop this process.

Our property Management Team still continue to work hard and can be contacted by telephone, email or zoom conference call during this time.

Thank you for your patience and I wish the best health for yourself and your families during this tough period.