Reed Residential urgent customer update

Date Published 18 March 2020

We all find ourselves in unchartered waters that are evolving daily .

Many firms have taken steps to close or reduce their staff to the bare minimum whilst the remainder work from home.

Here at Reed Residential, we have been equipped to work remotely for some time. When and if the time comes to close our Southend and Westcliff offices we will still be able to operate without the offices being open.
Our team had made the relevant preparations to work remotely some while ago to meet the needs of all our clients,

Therefore we can be contacted in the following way:
• Email
• Telephone/Mobile
• Zoom Conference call

You can still reach our team members as normal, however as of the 18th March we are restricting access to both offices, and in addition we have split our property management, sales lettings and accounts team into both offices to do our own part in the control of COVID 19.

At this stage we are fully staffed however this may change on a day by day basis.

Our sales and lettings team at Reed Residential are still continuing with appointments with our own rigorous implementation along with government guidelines, whilst this is a very tough time we are a resilient bunch and will continue to work hard for all of our clients.

From 6pm tomorrow we have a video conference option powered by Zoom, for both landlords and tenants. Zoom can be downloaded from IOS and Android store.

Concerned tenants can conference by appointment my colleague and Director of Operations Kelly Reed at

Any Landlords can conference myself by appointment concerning any issues including accounting queries.

Any vendors or landlords that are currently trying to let or sell their property can conference our Managing Director Adam Reed at

Our customer services support are still available you can reach Sasha by phone, email or by Zoom

If you are a tenant and you have had a change of circumstances or become unemployed please do not hesitate to speak with our team, they are very experienced in assisting with universal credit claims and are here to listen and help, face to face video conference can make the entire process so much more human and easier in your time of difficulty. The Government have already implemented a number of changes to universal credit to fast track claims.

Our contractors are working hard to deal with emergencies and essential items around the clock, however, the lead time for non-essential items during this difficult period may be heavily extended given the daily changes.

We have taken the steps to carry out all gas safeties due in the next 2 months ahead of schedule so we know our tenants appliances and boilers are safe to operate as a precaution in the event there could be a total lock down. If this has not triggered, we will review the situation and update you further.
We are, with our industry colleagues locally and no doubt across the UK, working hard to keep business running whilst helping and advising all our clients during this uncertain time.

I wish everyone and their respective families well and assure you of our best attention on every matter regarding your property.